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Wall, Undermount and Island Copper Vent Hoods

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Rustica House mission is to make homeowners fall in love with the copper vent hoods. The objective is achived by working close with the designers and contractors while creating individualy fabricated appliance. Whether you are thinking about an existing model or brand new copper vent hood, just convey us your idea of the vent hood as well as copper finishing by writting its discription or sending a simple hand drawing showing details. We produce anualy a lage number residential range hood with a variety of copper finishing so there is enoght expiriance to make the product fullfiling the expectations. Full customization is always an option. To begin talking about personalized copper vent hoods, let see what they can be used for beside getting fumes out of your kitchen.

A Stunning Focal Point

No doubt, copper vent hoods make great focal point. You can also order matching color sink or even backsplash and both pieces will stun anybody working in to your kitchen. Copper furnishings made by our production plant in Mexico add warmth and luxury that other materials are unable to do it.

Designing for Every Kitchen Style

Regardless, you kitchen decor is modern, traditional, farmhouse or Spanish hacienda, stylish oven hoods are applicalbe in any setting. You can buy a rustic copper hood for a ultra modern kitchen or vice versa. Even mixing old with new when copper is concerned looks good. Of course, the choice is yours and using any design vent hood style depends on your prefrences and your interior architect vision to match them.

Easy Maintenance

One of the positive aspects of the copper vent hoods is easy maintanace. You dont need to use any special cleaning technique nor products. Simply use warm water with some soap and whash tthe surface. They let id dry or if you in harry soft cloath. No waxing nor scrabing is necessary. Copper hood is covered with natural patina and in event of accidantly getting in contact with agresive cleaners or citric juices it may discolor. However, don't worry. It will get the original look in time by it self.

Copper Vent Hoods

copper vent hoods

The  vent hood with straps or without them regardless the meterial used for its construction fall into three categories. Those are wall mount vent hoods, kitchen island hoods and under the cabinet hoods. All of them can have insert installed inside, on the attick, vent outside the house or be recirculating. Lets concentrate in discribing basic diferences and their use.

Copper Wall Mount Vent Hoods

Copper wall vent hoods are designed for wall mounting. Those the most often used hoods for small and medium size kitchens. They are isntalled directly to the wall and venting back or to the ceiling. They may touch the ceiling but ocassionaly the top of the hood is suspended below it. However, they are not attached to the bottom of the cabinet.

Most wall mounted copper vent hoods are made of front and both sides where the drywal behind is exposed. The hood liner coveres the space below making the exposed wall behind invisible.

Copper Under Cabinet Hoods

Positioned between two hanging cabinet units and attached to the thirth one below. They are usualy found small kitchens spaces. You will need to sacriface the cabinet space above for the vent pipe connecting the insert with the house ventilation system which removes aire outside. In general, any vent hood design can be converted into this type. By removing some elements or reducing their size,we can fabricate it the way it preserves some original style and is low enoght to use it for undermount cooker hood application.

Copper Island Vent Hoods

If you kitchen is large enought and has an island, you have an option of puchasing tall central island copper hood. It can be attached to the ceiling or suspended on chanis as it is the case of old colonial character. By the definition, island kitchen hoods are positioned in a middle of the room. The island can be used for incorporating the oven only or even for dining it it is ferrly large. In some projects we added pot racks adding some conuntry style to the kitchen. Important feature of the island vent hoods is the fact that all four sides are viisble so they are finished. It makes them more expensive as the production requires more material and labour.

We will be exited to answer any questions you may have about buying wall, undermount and island copper vent hoods made of smooth or hammered metal. The product we manufacture are made on individual basis one of a kind. No two hoods are equal, they are not carbon copy of each other. It means you are getting an unique appliance now one has nor will.

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