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Using Copper for Range Hood Production

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Range hoods made of copper have rustic appearance and at the same time elegant. Use of hammered copper is not a new concept. In fact, similar hoods were furnishing kitchens long time ago in Europe and then in Mexico. Nowadays, there is substantial hood production in Santa Clara del Cobre. The town located in state of Michoacan is the largest source of custom appliances to Canada and the US.

Range Hood Marketing

There is little market in the country of origin itself probably due to the cost. The majority of Mexican buyers are expatriates who decided to retire down South of the border. There are many designs, sizes and finishes available. The most representative for Southeast copper range hoods are models based on colonial hacienda heritage. Rustica House manufacture them in both wall and island version. They are marketed for the most part in Texas, Florida, California and South Carolina. More modern design find their way to Canada and Northern USA.

Appliance Production

Range hood fabrication begins by preparing a frame from wrought iron. It has a shape of the future hood. Curved walls, crown molding and apron height are determined during that phase of production. Simultaneously, at the other section of the factory workers hammer hood sheets already cut according to the base design. Then, they are placed in a fire pit. High temperature realises minerals trapped in the metal sheet making the surface a colorful mosaic of darker and lighter tones. Once they coole off, the coppersmith master welds them to the frame. The last stem is to apply patina. Under normal conditions, it takes a few years for copper to begin showing its natural growth. We use a torch to accelerate its buildup and finish the surface with with a special paste that gives hood shine and permanent color. It is applied while copper is still worm so it penetrates it deep and afterwords it cannot be removed by washing with kitchen cleaning detergents. The technique I just described above is unique and how we handle the processes. They are many copper hood advantages for having the plant in Mexico.

Designing Range Hoods

Our range hoods regardless the material they are made are for sale in all standard dimensions or custom made. The buyer by selecting from the detail page menu selects how tall it is going to be and width. Depth of all our kitchen hoods is 24 inches unless you request other dimension. The best way to specify any changes it is to use Note window that is included on all vent hood pages. Please keep in mind that modified hoods cannot be returned for refund. Their sales are final mainly due to difficulties in reselling customized products. It includes any altered design such as changing a crown molding or even removing it, adding extra straps or having the hood part hammered and other smooth. While designing the space, you may consider ordering a kitchen sink with matching finish or a dining table? All of them can be supplied as a set with discount delivery because of combined purchase value.

Shipping to Canada, US and Overseas

Our site will calculate the freight to Canada and the US mainland automatically. If you live in other region of the world, please contact us prior to purchasing. We had clients from as far as Yukon, HK, Japan or Alaska. If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to share them publicly using one of our social accounts or copper range hoods review section.

range hoods made of copper in Canadian kitchen

copper range hood front view

copper range hood

Copper range hood side view demonstrating details of rustic patina finishing.

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