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Top 5 Value Adding Home Renovation Ideas

Posted by Lily Brooks on

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or not, renovating it can make it more appealing. And when in fact you plan to sell it in the future, making sure to renovate the most vital areas can increase curb appeal and value.

When renovating your home, you don’t have to go over the top. It’s not like you’re establishing a new restaurant or towing a company. Your home already has its current character and style. Renovating it will only make it more stunning and appealing and you can achieve it with some of  Rustica House's products.

Moreover, when choosing which areas to  renovate, go for the areas that will undeniably add to your home’s value. If you don’t know where to start, here are five ideas.

1. Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is where most of the occupants spend their time, especially during meals. Even after meals, family members still huddle around the kitchen for drinks, while preparing finger food. Furthermore, the kitchen is also one of the areas that new home buyers look at when deciding to buy a house or not. Therefore, you should prioritize  kitchen improvements to upgrade your house value.

That being said, make sure that your kitchen has a new shine for added value. Start with the kitchen cabinets. But if you’re short on budget, you can always reface cabinets instead of replacing them. Refacing means laminating the existing cabinets while removing the drawers and frames. Then the frames, drawers, and all the front elements are then replaced with new ones. The cabinets are then finished by sanding to give it a new look.

great kitchen remodeling tips

2. Transform a room

Having a unique room in a home is another added value for new buyers if you’re planning to sell your home in the long run. If you have a couple of rooms available, choose a room to reinvent. You have carte blanche on what you want to do with the room.

You may turn one guest room into an entertainment center, complete with surround sound system and comfortable recliners. Better yet, transform an ordinary room into a sports room with all your favorite indoor sports equipment.

interresting home remodeling tip

3. Revamp the bathroom

Revamping the bathroom can be a bit expensive if you have to replace all the tiles and materials. But one thing is for sure though – a beautiful and stellar bathroom is an attractive component in a home.

Replace the tiles if you can. Better yet, invest in  hand-painted tile murals for more creativity. Or if not, you can put tile gout to make the tiles look new. Then one energy-saving solution is to replace your current showerhead with a high-efficiency showerhead. Also, replace sink faucets and bathrooms with energy-efficient ones.

4. Update your lighting

Your home can have an entirely new look just by replacing the lighting. If you have a general lighting, it’s time to amp it up a bit. Make sure that you have ambient lighting, accent lighting like  bronze wall lamps, and task lighting. You may invest in sconces or dimmers to instantly transform the vibe in every room.

5. Add a home office

With the current pandemic encouraging everyone to stay home, remote work is inevitable. Corporate workers are now looking for options or places where they can comfortably work. That goes without saying, adding a home office can add value to your home. Invest in a good office table and chair to make it look inviting for work.


Lily Brooks is passionate about writing on different topics. She is currently working with Ready Set Tow, the best towing company Graham-based, serving Tacoma and all other surrounding areas.

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