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Five Must Know Facts about an Electric Panel Inspection

Posted by Lily Brooks on

If a home deserves the extra loving care from homeowners, so do electric panels. Although design to be located in the darkest, most inconspicuous places in a home foyer or a basement, electric panels act as your property protector from faulty electrical systems. The panels are the boxes with various wires and switches that contain the circuit breakers.

When the circuit can no longer handle the overcurrent from plugging too many electrical kitchen appliances simultaneously, the circuit breakers stop the excess current from doing further damage to the system and in turn, to the home interior wiring and connected artifacts such as range hoods, stoves, lamps or electronics..

An electrical panel inspection involves all-around inspection of a home’s electric connections, wirings, and panels.

Why is an Electric Panel Inspection Vital?

residential home electric panel view

  • Regardless of the age of your home, an electric panel inspection is essential to keep everyone safe. Here are a couple of reasons why you should adhere to regular residential electric panel checks. Storm surges can disrupt the electrical connections and circuits in your estate. While this mainly leads to short-circuiting, storm surges can also ruin your appliances. Inspectors will check all electrical wiring that may cause this.
  • It can protect your home from fires. Worn out cables or loose wirings may be lying around your house under your nose. Experts can see these from a mile away and prevent severe mishaps in the future.
  • Faulty electric connections and wiring is hazardous to touch. Live current can be flowing from these connections and will cause electric shock when in contact with humans. It’s safer for children, seniors, and pets to detect these electrical hazards early.

Electric Panel Inspection: Five Facts You Must Know

  1. Never attempt to do your home electric panel inspection yourself.
  2. Even though you are capable to perform your home improvement project by yourself, your DIY skills won’t work in this department. Never attempt to inspect your home electric panels yourself. Don’t try to open the cover nor tamper with the fuses. Only a professional electrician will know how to handle the inspection thoroughly.
  3. Professional inspectors are licensed and follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice when using the right tools like an electric tester during the inspection. They also have the proper safety gear, perform initial danger tests, and look for escape routes in case something goes haywire.

Inspectors protect the owners during the inspection

Inspectors should protect the homeowners at all times when doing electric panel checks. They never let owners assist them in any way. They also explain the hazards initially and warn the owner before killing the power.

  1. Homeowners should not distract the inspectors.
  2. Homeowners must avoid sudden movements or sounds that can jolt the inspector and possibly touch any live wires or components.
  3. Inspectors can determine hazards before the inspection.
  4. Offer tips for making a house energy efficient and lower your utility bills.

Before inspecting electrical panels, inspectors check the surroundings for any possible hazards. Here are some to watch out for:

  • Wet floors and areas
  • Bad-corroded panels
  • No grounding system
  • Signs of overheating
  • Faulty wiring
  • Any charge or shock felt
  • Author Bio

    Lily Brooks is an outdoor enthusiast, travel blogger and coffee lover. You can see her other posts on Rustica rustic home improvement blog. When not hiking, she can be found spending time with her family. She is currently working with RytecElectric, the best residential electrician in Lexingtonsc, which offers a wide range of residential installation and electrical repair services, as well as 24-hour emergency services and FREE Electrical Estimates.

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