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5 Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacement

Posted by Lily Brooks on

No one wants to experience having to re-roof their home but it is inevitable, especially for homeowners. It's expensive and time-consuming. But there are ways you can cut costs. Here are some tips you can save money on re-roofing your home.

rustica home improvement roofing tips

    Do a thorough assessment of your roof

More often than not, homeowners are quick to decide that they need a new roof when in fact all that's really required is a simple repair and maintenance. Just because you see a few missing roof tiles or shingles doesn't mean your roof is not going to do its function properly. Ask a professional roofer for advice if you need to replace your roof if you can't do it yourself. Do a little more research on signs that you really need to change your home's roof.

    Do it on the off-season

Most roofing companies see a lot of business during the summer months and this high demand means the higher cost as well. At other times of the year when the rainy season has passed and when it starts to get cooler, roofing companies don't see a lot of business. It is at this time that you might want to consider replacing your roof as the prices are typically lower. Keep in mind, however, that prices will start to rise after the peak season so make sure you've ordered the needed materials and equipment for the work.

    Look where you can save

There are different ways to cut costs when you plan to reroof your home. One such way is reusing some of the existing materials already in place. In this case, ask your roofer to assess your roof first before starting the work to see which ones can be reused and which ones should be scrapped. Roofing companies are also given  home improvement product discounts by businesses they've worked in the past. If they don't offer any deals, you can negotiate on the price. It never hurts to ask.

    Shop around

One big mistake that many homeowners make when it comes to re-roofing is sticking with the first roofing company they encounter. It's always a good idea to  shop around product suppliers and different contractors so you get to pick one that offers the best value for your money. Looking at different companies will also allow you to know the different price points each company has to offer as well as previous jobs they've completed. Consider asking friends and family for their recommendations and how well the roofing company worked with them.

    Do some of the work

For homeowners with a tight budget but really need to replace their roof, they can save a ton of money by doing the work themselves. If they're not familiar with roofing a house, they can do some of the prep work before construction begins. This includes clearing space for the equipment and cleaning the roof. After construction, you can also take on the responsibility of cleaning up. Normally, contractors will relegate this task to laborers which can add to the cost of the work. Taking it on yourself will save you money and make you feel accomplished you took part in enhancing your home.

Author Bio :

Lily Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to write about home improvement, remodeling, restoration, and repair. She is currently working with Weathertight Roofing, one of the best Idaho roofing companies, which offers exceptional roofing services for both residential and commercial properties.

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