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Rustic Bathroom Designs

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The first step in rustic bathroom design is getting the best idea. That part if fact seams the most difficult to do. Using online catalogs and photo sites such as  Pinterest can help in developing general look. Once you have in your head a vision that is compete to the point it can be explained to an interior designer prescreen a few of them and get the one that seams best. This rustic interior decorating and bathroom architect will be your best and worst enemy during the project development period. You will like some rustic bathroom ideas and hate others.

Sourcing Rustic Bathroom Products

Rustica brand is a developer and manufacturer of custom made home decor and furnishings for indoors and outdoors utilized by many designers for their rustic bathroom projects. We are not the designers but most definitely can help you to have your bath ideas materialized in form of furnishings you will need to full fill your designer efforts. As many professionals on the field of interior architecture, some proposals we will be too expensive to be implemented and others perhaps too cheap for your taste. So be on the top of it any time your designer comes us with a product that is too far away form your budget. For example any  free standing copper bathtubs can be finished certain way which may be acceptable price or triple it. Nickel platting for example will make the tub made of copper very expensive. Regular patina especially when producing in Mexico quite cheap. Bronze sinks depending on the country of origin vary in prices greatly. Take a look at rustic illumination fixtures. We produce in San Miguel de Allende that is a capital of tin decor production a tone of wall sconces and rustic hanging lamps at very affordable cost.

Rustic Bathroom Floor and Wall Covering

Almost any product handmade in Mexico is considered rustic. Rustic ceramic tiles and floor red clay pavers are the best in that product category. The beauty of  Mexican tiles is based on its manual hand crafting technique developed centuries ago by Spanish before even coming to North America. Tiles are cut by hand and then backed in the oven for eight hours creating transparent crest. This glaze will eventually begin cracking creating so called hazing making the tiles very rustic looking. You will not distinguish the deference between your rustic kitchen wall and any other found in colonial buildings erected and decorated long time ago. Using darker cement to fill up the spaces between the tiles will bring the effect even further making your kitchen antique looking.

mexican tiles and talavera sinks in rustic bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Mirrors

We strongly recommend visiting Rustica House Mexican mirror department for finding ideas and inspiration for both rustic modern and vintage decorations. Our  rustic mirror frames are made of punched tin, forged iron and wood. All of them are displaying rustic decorative character and reflection of central Mexico. That part of the country is heavily influenced by Spanish hacienda heritage so the wall mirrors. Wrought iron designs are similar to old European bathrooms that can be found in large numbers inside of palaces and public spaces of the old continent. Tin frames are more decorative. Some are using native and other folk art motives. Wooden mirrors are hand carved with typical baroque type ornaments. All of them can be finished with many different colors and texture especially black iron often used in that type of architectural style.

rustic copper bathtubs and sinks

Modern and Vintage Rustic Bathroom Style

The variety of variables you can use for you rustic bathroom designing is endless. You can maintain the entire room in a single style or perhaps mix old with new. Creating hacienda interior and adding temper glass wall with shower door may work well in your house of other areas are displaying similar combination of old with new. It is something you will need to work with your decorator. He/she will decide what materials will be used, surface finishes and whether the furnishings you want to buy are of sufficient quality, durable as well as environmentally friendly. Use of copper bathtub in grand slipper, soaking, free standing or undermount depends on both of you. Keep in mind that the same product can be manufactured with signs of country, antique, Spanish and Mexican style depending on the way finished touches are applied. What about  Tiffany style lamps? Or perhaps hammered zinc counters? You see, there is no limit of what you can do in your rustic bathroom. The limitation is only your own imagination and the budget you decided to dedicate to your rustic bathroom renovation project.

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