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5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Yard to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Posted by Allen Michael on

Adding lights in different areas of the yard will not only improve aesthetic appeal but will also create a calming ambiance. It is easy to give life to a boring part of the yard by using different kinds of lights. The right lights create a warm, intimate environment. They also give people a sense of space as they brighten dark corners. You can use these 5 outdoor lighting ideas for your yard to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Make Pathways Glow with Good Lighting

Lights with motion sensors are only installed along pathways when safety is the main purpose. You can say goodbye to the traditional globe light on top of a post. LED Light Ideas recommends using sconces, fog lights, strip lights, and other decorative lamps to outline the borders of the pathway. Solar outdoor lights may be a good option for pathway lighting if your location receives a lot of sunlight. Otherwise, go for light bulbs for cold weather.

outdoor lamps handing on the back-yard

Use Hanging Lights in the Gazebo

You can make a gazebo look more romantic at night with good lighting ideas. One is to install a sconce light on each post of the gazebo. You can also use hanging LED lights to accentuate the outline of the roof. Another way is to hang several lines of hanging lights inside starting from the middle section of the roof extending outwards. Some lights along the path walk leading to the gazebo will also give it a more dramatic effect. When you want to simplify installation, you can just settle for metal or iron chandeliers for a rustic vibe.

Accentuate Trees with Outdoor Lights

Use string lights and decorate bulky trees like your traditional Christmas tree. Other than the usual yellow bulbs, you may use strip lights and hang them vertically on different areas of the tree. Thinner trees like palm trees are decorated with mini led lights. Focus only on wrapping the trunk or wrap the entire trunk all the way up to the leaves. A less complicated lighting idea is to use a landscape spotlight to accentuate a tree. Use two spotlights and place them opposite each other to produce a cross-beam of light. To achieve the best effect, choose a tall tree with well-detailed branches.

lamps decorating a garden trees outside the house

Install Lights Around the Pool Area

A swimming pool increases the aesthetic appeal of the yard but it loses its charm when night time comes. You can decorate the pool area by lighting candles around it but this could be inconvenient. Instead, switch to lanterns and circle several of these around the pool. Underwater lighting is also a good way to make the pool inviting to use even at night. Aside from the charismatic effect, underwater lighting also improves safety. If an accent wall is present, you can also use the space to decorate with modern lights.

Highlight Backyard Walls with Spotlights

You should consider decorating the backyard wall with good lighting effects simply because it looks at the plainest of all the areas in the yard. Mini LED lights, fog lights, and wall light sconces are good options to highlight the area. Aside from installing a curtain of lights, you can also use strip lights to brighten the base of the wall and create a fading light effect as the light beam shines upward.

outdoor illumination on a yard patio


Outdoors lights are an inexpensive way to decorate the yard. They can create a specific mood based on the type and color that you are using. In addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of the house, decorating with lights also improves home safety. Your yard can be a relaxing venue by simply using lights as decorations. Fortunately, you can use these 5 outdoor lighting ideas for your yard to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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