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6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Inspire your Spring Backyard

Posted by Lily Brooks on

When the last gush of winter air dissipates, the fresh smell of the spring breeze comforts us with excitement. This is where the flowers start to bloom and trees begin to flourish. And when the spring season arrives, we all know what this means – more backyard get-togethers!

Because this is a more comfortable climate compared to the winter season, your backyard becomes a conducive area for parties or intimate family gatherings. Of course, events like these wouldn’t be complete without excellent and jaw-dropping  outdoor lighting. So if you’re planning on organizing that next backyard get-together, here are six outdoor lighting ideas for inspiration.

1. Put floor lamps on every nook and cranny

Decorating your backyard for spring doesn’t mean you have to hire the experts to do it. You can start with the most basic which are floor lamps. First and foremost, ensure that your  outdoor backyard has the necessary electrical circuits. Inspect the area and strategize where you want to put your floor lamps.

Then make your outdoor area similar to how an indoor living room would look like. Put floor lamps on each side of the tables, chairs, or even the grilling area. This gives your backyard an intimate feel. Choose floor lamps that have indigenous materials so they blend well with other natural elements.

2. Invest in beautiful sconces

Sconces are a perfect way to make a room or area feel elegant without renovating too much. As long you hang them in the right areas, complement them with the perfect furniture, then you’ll turn the area around 360 degrees.

Check which area in your backyard where you usually have visitors. This should be the area where people mostly hang out, sit, talk, and whatnot. Depending on the type of furniture you have,  buy decorative sconces that match them. For instance, if you have classy and high-end outdoor furniture, accompany them with a sconce that also exudes elegance. On the contrary, if you have more rugged furniture, choose sconces that have a similar appeal.

3. Pendant lights for dinner parties

Pendant lights could be perfect when you have dining tables in your backyard. In some cases, chandeliers might not be the best option for overhead dining lights. That said, choose pendant lights.

To make it more attractive, you can hang two or more  pendant star lights over your dining table. Grab various sizes to give it structure and creativity. Additionally, you may even put huge pendant lights over chairs where people carry their conversations throughout the night.

4. A flow of string lights

String lights are probably the easiest  outdoor lighting idea you can come up with. In fact, it be quick to install whenever there are special occasions. For instance, if you’re renting canopies from wedding rentals for a wedding event, you can easily put string lights around the canopy to make it look brighter and appealing.

5. LED lights under the stairs, steps, pathway, etc.

LED lights aren’t only good options for outdoor lighting, they’re also better when it comes to lighting quality. One way you can creatively use them for decoration is to put them under the steps or if your outdoor party area is elevated with stairs. Another way you can use LED lights is to decorate them on pathways so they give light to darker areas.

6. Lanterns all over your backyard

One will never go wrong with lanterns. You can choose to decorate your backyard with a  tin lantern light or candle lanterns. They are not only convenient, but they’re also very portable. If you’re choosing lantern lights, however, make sure that your backyard if electrically equipped for these types.

outdoor backyard lighting

On the other hand, if you’re planning to use candle lanterns, it’s way easier to move them around. Place them under trees, in between plants, along with the steps, in the dining area, and more. You’ll instantly give the area a more intimate and cozy feel.

Author Bio :

Lily Brooks is an avid blogger and informative content writer who loves to write about home improvement, DIY, travel and more. She is currently working with PinnacleEventRentals, the leading Wedding Rentals Winnipeg Company, which offers the perfect solution for weddings, graduation parties, and corporate events.

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