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How to Light your House the Right Way

Posted by Lily Brooks on

Let’s admit, when moving to or renovating our dream house, the first things we think about are: interior design, paint color, furniture, and accessories. And don’t get me wrong having the most elegant furniture and quintessential interior design can spruce up your home to a whole new level. However, if all these beautiful elements are accompanied by lousy lighting – everything will look tacky.

It’s imperative that you light your house the proper way to bring out the best in every natural and decorative component.

More importantly, lighting doesn’t only illuminate a gloomy house, but it goes beyond that. It can complement your interior, type of room designs, furniture, rugs, artwork, and even the entire mood of your home. Likewise, interior lighting also does a bang-up job making cramped rooms seem spacious and establishment-like homes cozier.

Without further ado, here are the top six ways on how to light your house the right way.

  1. Coordinate lighting plans during the initial construction stage. Whether you’re on the verge of building your house or renovating an old one, always plan everything out. As with any other things, the outcome will always be favorable if you plan down to the last detail. This will also allow the electrical team to do the wiring and fixtures according to your preference properly. 
  2. Consider energy-saving options like LED lights. Nowadays, people are gearing towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. Manufacturers are amplifying more energy-saving appliances now more than ever due to adverse environmental impacts. Opt for energy-saving lighting like LED (light-emitting diode) lights. Its counterparts, incandescent bulbs, emit more metal components which are hazardous to people and the environment. In addition, 90 percent of the energy is turned to heat while only 10 percent is converted to light. What a waste! On the flip side, LED lights convert only 5 percent of its energy into heat and 95 percent into light. In short, you’ll undeniably save about 80 percent on your utility bills with LED lights.
  3. Integrate ambient and accent lighting. Ambient lighting usually provides a more dispersed and even lighting in your house or a particular room. On the other hand, accent lighting is to provide a directional focus on an element or area, creating a more natural ocular partition. As a general rule, the latter is usually brighter than the former. For instance, if you have a communal room, you can put up an iron chandelier to create brightness and even light distribution. But if you want to emphasize a piece of artwork or plant, you can install wall sconces to showcase those decorative elements. 
  4. Light up halls, foyers, patios, stairways, and outdoor spaces. Some of these areas are high-traffic areas such as patios and stairways. Hence, lighting up these spaces will not only feature its design but will also keep everyone safe. Furthermore, lighting up patios and foyers will keep the aura cozy, especially if you have guests around. If you also frequent those barbecue weekends outdoors, good lighting will add a dramatic art to pergolas, countertops, Tiki bars, and flowerbeds.
  5. Always invite natural lighting.

Inviting natural lighting in your house will not only create a comfortable atmosphere but will also save heaps on utility bills. Just make sure to fend off the heat with curtains and blinds. Lighter paint colors can also intensify the sun’s rays. Also, you'll make better selfies with natural lighting!

Author Bio:

Lily Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who loves to write about home improvement, energy-saving tips and hacks and more. She is currently working with Pursuing Outdoor, which offers the best led light globes in and around Australia.

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