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6 Useful Tips to Repair Damaged Furniture

Posted by Lily Brooks on

We hear it often but we seldom venture into tackling it ourselves but furniture repair and restoration can be accomplished by your average person. There are countless sites online dedicated to instructing people on how to repair minor damages to their office and home furniture. Here are some of them.

  1. Stain Naturally

There are a lot of home remedies you can employ to breathe new life to your old furniture, one of which is dark staining. While there are a number of products you can use to stain furniture, there are natural ways of doing it. One way is by using vinegar to give a more rich and natural hue. All you have to do is apply vinegar unto the furniture and use a wire brush to spread into the wood. Then there is linseed oil. It offers a higher quality staining and it dries quicker. It leaves a slightly glossy finish on the furniture. What's great about linseed oil is its suitability for all types of stone and wood.

  1. Repairing Scratches and Nicks

During the life of your average home furniture, it will accumulate a decent amount of minor damage, whether scratches or nicks. These might be minor but added together and it can help make the furniture look much older. There is a way to restore furniture using a natural recipe. By mixing one-quarter cup of apple or white cider vinegar and a three-quarter cup of canola oil and you will have a natural mixture for repairing minor furniture damages.

  1. Natural Restoration

An effective way to restore furniture naturally would be to use high-quality beeswax polish and conditioner. What's amazing about this type of polish is it contains no artificial coloring and it works amazing with different surfaces such as wood, marble, and metal.

  1. Repairing Major Damage

A piece of beautiful wooden furniture is going to look unsightly with major damage in one of its parts. But there are different ways you can repair major damage to furniture. One way is by using latex-based wood filler. This method is a preferred all-purpose alternative by many furniture restorers as opposed to normal furniture fillers. You simply have to mix wood filler, apply it to the damaged part of the furniture, and then sand it smooth.

  1. Refinish Furniture

Refinishing wood may seem simple in theory but there's a lot of work involved in it. It's easy enough to purchase a stain and brush in thoroughly unto the furniture but doing it competently is very hard. There are more steps involved in the process than merely brushing the stain. First, you have to sand the furniture before staining. Make sure that you're sanding along the direction of the grain. For the best results, sand using a coarse-grit first before finishing with a fine-grit. As for the staining process itself, ditch the brush and use a rag for better control and even application.

  1. Office Furniture

We should discount the furniture we have in our workspace. For many people, these are the pieces that we use more often than the ones at home. It might be easier and less stressful to replace a broken office chair or table but there are ways to extend their use before throwing in the towel. Office chairs often get a busted lift mechanism that can easily be repaired using basic tools and easily available parts. Wobbly tables can be fixed with a small peg in one of the feet. And shelves can be repurposed for storing files and manuals.

broken furniture can be repaird

Now that you have a little know-how when it comes to furniture repair, you'll be thinking twice about throwing slightly damaged furniture and buying a new one. You can save yourself the financial stress and start using your hands.

Author Bio :

Lily Brooks is an avid blogger who likes to write about any topics related to home improvement and smart parenting. She is currently working with Workstations, the leading experts in workstation systems and commercial office furniture, who design, manufacture, source, and import quality workstation systems and furniture systems including Office chairs, office desks, tables, storage solutions, acoustic furniture, soft wiring, work pods and more.

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