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Copper Range Hood
Copper Range Hood
Copper Range Hood

Copper Range Hood

SKU: 00980210
Price: $2,100.00
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Wall Mount Copper Hood

Rustica House
Manufactured by: Rustica House
Model: 00980210
Product ID: 00980210
There are 1000 wall mount copper hood products, ranging from $2100.00 to $3800.00 New

Add a designer look to your kitchen decor with a copper hood, handcrafted in Mexico. In colonial state of Michoacan in town of Santa Clara del Cobre our craftsman hammer custom appliances. Most designs were inspired by hacienda tradition found in the 17th century noble houses of Europe and Americas. Handcrafted in its rustic color or treated with patina are the standard choices. Other finishes are honey, light coffee and antique called also vintage. Honey is the most uniform, new penny looking. The antique is created by washing natural color with dark paint. It makes the hood looking old even though it is brand new. The entire product line includes wall mount and central island models. It takes a week to build a copper hood and then about three week delivery from Mexico to the US home address, six to Canada.

copper hood specifications

copper hood
  • Overall hood dimensions: Length (see listing options) x 24" Width x 36" Height
  • Delivery from Mexico including production: about 4 weeks to the US, 6 weeks to Canada
  • The item shown on the photo might not reflect correct proportions
  • Any hood model can be offered in wall mount or central island version
  • We don't offer any blueprints nor technical specifications
  • Hood sizing may vary +/- 1/2-inch and is subject to change
  • Having a handmade custom kitchen appliance on site before preparing rough-in ventilation or electrical is highly recommended
  • Add vent hood interior customization for your own insert installation (provide your insert manufacturer name and model)
  • Optional built-in 200CFM insert with light and filter available
  • Minor copper kitchen hood modifications at no extra cost
  • custom copper

    copper designs

    Whatever your kitchen design, we can create a custom copper hood and finishing that is perfect for your project. In standard version all models are traditional vent hoods. We can prepare it for your own power pack installation based on the drawings available online on its manufacturer's web site. There will be additional charge for custom work to cover any extra material and labor. As a budget alternative we can install a simple fully functional unit with 200CFM ventilator, light and filter. Each wall mount copper hood comes with a choice of copper patina finish, as well as the options of straps, rivets and hand hammering. To protect finishing avoid using abrasive cleaners. No acidic or alcohol based cleaners should be used. No steel wool nor wire brushes as they may scratch the surfaces. Clean your wall mount copper hood with hot soapy water and scrub with soft nylon.
    copper hoods
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