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Closeout Sale: Mexican Talavera Tile Mural

Closeout Sale: Mexican Talavera Tile Mural

SKU: sale mural 8 sin canefas
Price: $99.00

Mexican Tile Mural

Just imagine your house decorated with this mexican tile mural from Dolores Hidalgo. If you are thinking about adding something extra to your kitchen backsplash wall or counter consider our beautiful hand painted murals. We have large selection of existing patterns or will paint according to your instructions. A vibrant handcrafted tile murals can be used for any wall covering in any area of your home. Buy our tile murals as mosaics creative arts and use them for your renovation or construction project. Often, a colorful Mexican tile mural is used for kitchen counter, sauna and swimming pool.
mexican talavera tile murals
  • overall mural dimensions: 16x20 inches (40x50cm)
  • mural tiles: 4x4 inches (10x10cm)
  • applicable for backsplash, wall and counter top
  • material: hand painted ceramic talavera
  • available with custom modifications at extra cost
  • glazed tile surface
  • about 4 week delivery to USA, 6 to the rest of the world
  • painting: sale mural 8 sin canefas
mexican tile murals

Mexican Tile Mural installation

Identify the wall center and use a carpenter's level to mark intersecting lines. Starting at the center begin applying adhesive. Begin installing each mural tile from the wall center vertically towards the wall end. Firmly press each mural tile giving it a slight twist to assure good contact with the glue and the surface. Since tile is hand cut some size differences are expected. Lay them about a quarter of an inch apart to compensate for the discrepancy in tile size. If you need to cut the tiles use a water saw only. The following day begin grouting. Clean mural surface from any excess grout with a wet sponge and let it dry. A few minutes latter remove any haze left on mexican tile mural surface and your mural is installed.


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