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​5 Ways in Which You Can Style Up Your Bedroom

Posted by Lily Brooks on

I don't know about you, but I feel giddy just thinking about decorating a room as a pro. It is such a good way to be creative and actually enjoy your creation. I've been lucky enough to have great friends who trusted me to style their rooms, and they really love the results. For the most part, I don't really do any drastic changes in the room. I found that changing a few key details here and there makes a huge difference in the quality and feel of the space. So here are some of my tips to style up your room.

  1. Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean

There's nothing more annoying for myself and other people than seeing a messy room. Clothes are strewn everywhere; the bed is unmade, personal items disorganized. That's panic-inducing to me, and I could never imagine how people are able to sleep in a room in such disarray. Tidying up is one simple and cost-effective way of styling the room. Once everything is put in its proper place, items organized, and the bed made, you will see your room in a new light. It becomes a safe sanctuary once again, a place you would want to spend time in.

  1. Use Subtle Colors

If you have to luxury to choose the color of your room, instead of bold primary colors, why not opt for soothing and monochromatic tones. Color theory plays a big part in this part. Cool colors like blue, green, lavender are seen as calm and relaxing. Jewel-toned colors like brown, deep emerald, and lively turquoise, invites comfort and coziness. You can also select toned-down versions of your favorite color for the bedroom.

  1. Don't Forget the Ceiling

The ceiling plays an important role in the overall perception of your room; make sure it's not taken for granted. It should match or complement the rest of the room by being painted a lighter shade of the walls. People have begun to add decorative architectural elements on their ceilings like stencil or wallpaper to give it more dimensions. An amazing light fixture can also do wonders and depth into space and can serve as a focal point for the room.

  1. Plenty of Storage

As a way to keep things simple, you should store things and hide them away. For this, you'll need storage space. No need to have a second closet built, a few simple decorative boxes or drawers will do to hide your personal items. A great bedside table where you can store books, reading glasses and lotions keep the bed area neat and tidy. A beautiful trunk at the foot of the bed can store many items like pillows and blankets and also serve as a sturdy bench.

  1. Dress your Windows

Curtains, blinds, and shades can bring the room together and give it a nice pop of color, texture, or pattern to complement the softness of the room. A linen shade is a nice choice to control the light while a wooden rolled blind adds character and earthy tones to the room as well as providing privacy at night.

Author Bio: Lily Brooks is passionate blogger who loves to expound on interior designs, home improvement around your bathroom and kitchen renovation ideas. She is currently working for Crestar Fan, which offers world's best topmost quality Crestar ceiling fans, accessories and light kits. 

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