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​7 Best Bedding and Sleep Solutions for Disabled People

Posted by Lily Brooks on

Living with a disability can be a challenge. What may seem simple and mechanical to most of us can be very challenging and vexing for the person with a disability to complete. Simple things like walking up the stairs can almost seem impossible for people with mobility issues. Walking at night is enough to make a person with sight impairment anxious and scared. Even as simple as lying down to sleep can be difficult for people with disabilities. So it is important that modifications are done to make their sleep as comfortable as possible and to give them the much-needed rest we all need.

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  1. Mattress

For people with disability, the right choice of mattress could mean the difference between developing insomnia and getting a full night's sleep. A waterproof mattress is an ideal choice for easy cleaning and it won't absorb moisture. The firmness or softness of the mattress greatly factors into the quality of sleep the person gets. An ultra-soft mattress can relieve pressure points and create an outline surface making sleep easier. A firm mattress can offer added support for people with specific physical disabilities.

  1. Beds

There are a number of beds one can choose to specifically sit a person with a disability. Most people get an adjustable bed so adjusting the position and angle of sleep is easy. Chair beds can also help those who have trouble moving. Turning beds can be turned to accommodate different sleeping positions and help avoid circulatory issues. A low-profile is especially useful for people who are prone to falling off of beds. These beds and other similar custom furnishings are close to the ground, around 10 inches high, and can prevent injuries incurred during a fall.

  1. Pillows

Someone with a neck or spinal issue can greatly benefit from using a neck pillow. They offer an addedsupport for the head and relieve pressure points. Pillow elevators are also a great way to elevate the head, neck or knees so circulation to these areas is improved. Wedges are a type of pillow one can put under the legs to improve support and circulation as you sleep.

  1. Bed Rails And Bed Pads

These are bed accessories that are attached to the bed and serve as a barrier to help prevent people from falling and being injured. They span the entire length of the bed and can be retracted when getting out of bed. An alternative is a bed rail pad. These serve the same purpose as a bed rail but they have a more comfortable surface.

  1. Rope ladders, grab handles, hand blocks

These are accessories that help improve mobility in bed. Rope ladders are attached to the food of the bed and assist in getting people into a sitting position and vice versa. It's important that rope ladders are secured properly on the bed frame. Grab handles is another accessory that's either mounted on the bed, wall or floor and they help people to sit up or turn over in bed or get in and out of bed. Hand blocks also help one to move about in bed. These are particularly useful in turning when using a bedpan. Hand blocks are attached to both sides of the bed or headboard.

  1. Beddings

One way to improve one's sleep is simply to change the bed sheets and pillowcase regularly. These should be changed on a frequent basis to prevent dirt and dust accumulating and causing more harm to the health of the individual. Choosing a single-ply sheet can also improve sleeping over a higher thread count. They last longer; they are softer and cheaper than other more expensive alternatives. Cotton fabric is also great at making your sleep as comfortable as possible. They are cool and smooth and makes for a more comfortable sleep.

  1. CPAP and Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Many people suffering from disabilities may also suffer from sleep apnea. This is a condition when the person temporarily stops breathing during sleep. An anti-snoring device can fit between the teeth to lessen snoring at night and relieve symptoms of sleep apnea. A continuous positive air pressure machine or CPAP includes a mask that provides a continuous flow of air as one sleeps. These are usually advised for people with an extreme case of sleep apnea.

Author Bio : Lily Brooks a blogger by passion, loves to write about home renovation and remodelling. She is currently working for, which offers an array of finest quality handcrafted wall beds and innovative space-saving bathroom products.

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