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Stand Alone Copper Tubs

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Are you in a market for copper tubs, copper clawfoot or stand alone bathtubs? Feel invited to check great deals on Rustica House. Our free standing tubs are hand made in Mexico using sixteen as well are thicker fourteen gauge copper. Shop our bathroom department with confidence and save on combined shipping. Average delivery time frame including made-to-order  copper bathtub production is about four weeks only.

Versions of Copper Tubs

In general, there are two categories of mexico built  copper tub. They can be free standing or drop-in. For a larger rooms you use the fist version mostly. However, if you would like to upgrade you bathroom fixture to copper from any other tub, using undermount style is the best way to go. We have more than a few models available and they were especially designed for small spaces. The product can be brought to the bath room in vertical position and then installed on the frame that you will need to prepare especially for it. It is made of regular lumber used for domestic construction such as two by four covered with plywood. If you want to install ceramic tiles on the surface, you will need to place a wire mash for underlay cement or lay them down using a water resistant adhesive. But this subject deserves a completely separate blog post.

Copper Tubs Style

copper tubs

The vast majority of copper tubs under our brand are stand alone. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs. From Baroque, Victorian, modern to old country style. You can buy a copper vintage tub and order same style  copper bathroom sinks. A lot of styles are based on antique tubs used in Europe long time ago exclusively by elite. It is not so nowadays. Handcrafted tubs are affordable and can be purchased almost by anyone who likes the idea of home improvement while utilizing copper. Some of them are furnished with bases and others are positioned on the bath floor directly. One group is very unique. Those are  copper clawfoot bathtubs. We use brass legs made using traditional send casting production technique and then weld them to the bathtub bottom. The following are some the most important styles we can distinguish among copper tubs or made of any material as a matter of fact.

  • Clawfoot tubs
  • Stand alone tubs
  • Soaking bathtubs
  • Slipper bathroom tubs
  • Double slipper tubs

Personalized Copper Tubs

Copper products are made in a few countries around the world, primarily in India, China and  Mexico. The production involves heating copper sheeting to expose minerals and making the final product rustic looking. Afterwords, the metal is hammered into desired shape based on the design and size specified by the buyer. Since they are individually produced, there is an important benefit of custom production concerning personalizing the the design and creating a copper tub completely according to the architect plans. It is worth to mention, stand alone copper tubs require very little maintenance. You simply wash the tub walls and bottom with soap using sponge and rains it with water. If do it regularly, you tub will last for a very ling time to come.

  • stand alone copper tubs
  • copper tubs
  • free standing copper tubs

Rustic Wall Tiles

Great way to find best ideas about a Rustic Wall Tile is browsing Rustica House site. Our hand made tile designs may inspire you for your next home improvement project around a master bathroom shower, tiling bathroom and the shower walls as well as tile counters. We offer three type of rustic ceramic tiles. Those [...]

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Deep Bathtubs

Think about adapting to greater depth of personal relaxation. This soaking copper bathtub from our Rustica collection corresponds quite well with casual bath decorating. Made from hammered copper 16 gauge for extra strength and furnished with a optional step ladder for easy access. Requires a larger drain back connection allowing extra few inches of [...]

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How to buy a Range Hood

Buying a range hood from Rustica House is easy. Once you located on site your preferable range hood and clicked the appliance image or link below it you will be taken to the detail page. Upon readying thoroughly hood description including information provided in bullets take a look at the menu below the price. In [...]

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Copper Hoods for Sale

As a copper range hood manufacturer we always have a few hoods for sale. Those are in stock rustica cooper hoods that were either returned by buyers for some reason or another or were damaged during transportation by the freight company. It could happen due to incorrect handling, cargo falling inside the track or hard [...]

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Large Mexican Tin Mirrors

Great advantage over other sources when purchasing Mexican tin mirrors is the ability to ask the artisan to make them large. In fact, there is no limit on the tin mirror frame dimensions. The only wary is how are you planning to ship them from Mexico to the US safely. Most standard cargo measurements [...]

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Drop-in Copper Tub

Rustica drop-in copper tub is made of recycled metal. The tub can be produced hammered or in smooth copper. On the product page you can select patina color, gauge as well as the tub dimensions. Even though the most commonly used drop-in copper tub is 67 inches long, we offer all other sizes as well [...]

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Iron Table Base for Kitchen and Dining

Perhaps you want to change just a table bases in your kitchen or living room and love to keep the table-top. All of this is possible on by visiting forged iron section dedicated to tables. We offer a variety of designs, most of them based on Spanish colonial past. Mexico is heavily influenced by [...]

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Rustic Building Material

Large or small rustic home improvement project around the house is not that difficult providing you have access to the right construction products. Rustic building materials, furnishings and accessory are made in many places on the Earth but the most applicable style is handmade in Mexico. Large number of houses in US Southern states are [...]

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Freestanding & Clawfoot Copper Bathtubs

If you have enough space in your bathroom to fit in a freestanding tub perhaps clawfoot copper bathtub is the way to go. In general, it is made of a regular hammered copper bathtub positioned on two clawfoot bases. Each of them has two legs attached to it and welded to the bathtub bottom. As [...]

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