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Kitchen Range Hood Inserts

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Kitchen range hoods made of zinc, iron, copper and pewter are offered in three different versions. You can buy your kitchen hood as natural exhaust, made ready for your own insert or with our venting equipment included. In general, all of them are furnished with certain capacity fan, light and filter. Some of them have dual or triple speed and dimmed lamps. Prices vary from low cost cheap to high end cadillac type equipment with remote controls and ventilators positioned at the atchic. Such a version reduces motor nozie in significant way but on the other hand in case of service necessity makes more difficult to replace its components or the entire part.

rustica metal range hoods for kitchen island and wall mount

Rustica Kitchen Range Hood Production

From rustica standpoint there is no difference when manufacturing a hammered zinc or smooth natural patina copper oven hood with either of them because the de ventilation unit has de same dimensions. Whether it just the switches or integrated system has no impact on customizing the zinc or exhaust copper hood for it. Before we begin describing the most often used inserts with rustica hoods, I would like to underline that we are not recommending any particular kitchen exhaust fan. All of them can be installed in our recirculating and ducted range hoods providing they are smaller in size than the hood itself.

Range Hood Insert Suppliers

Often you need to distinguish the requirements between metal island vent hood and its wall mount counterpart. The way the insert is constructed may prevent using it with one of the styles.

Vent-a-Hood brand

A popular manufacture is  Vent-a-Hood. It is low cost and compacted so it can be used with the smallest hoods on the market. In addition, various appliance designs can be adapted to it because the insert shape even though quite tall it has shaped walls allowing its application with any hood. BH134SLD as well as more versatile insert our customers were occasionally selecting.

Wolf Pro (Subzero)

Their product comes in a variety of sizes which can be chosen depending on the cooktop hood width. Please keep in mind the vent system needs to be smaller and we prepared guidelines related to this subject that you should follow prior to deciding purchasing your range hood blower. This factory like others has UL certificate and produces 34 3/8, 40 3/8, 46 3/8, 52 3/8, 58 3/8. Unique supplier fabricating air moving equipment for the  largest insert hoods.

Miele Products

It is typical european style meant for tall hoods. It is expensive but the money spent is worth the value. This company was seldom used and in most cases installed in the largest kitchen hoods we were producing.  Miel hood insert model on the image is 48 inches wide so if you have a sizable room, this stuff is what you may consider.

Other Kitchen Range Hood Insert Factories

Please do not assume that the output brands indicated above are the one you should consider above those indicated below. I simply tried to provide extra information while dealing with some of them. However, all of those brands including indicated below should be taken under consideration equally when buying rustica kitchen hoods.

Jenn-AirImperial Kitchen VentilationBroan, German Tekka hood insert assembled in Mexico and used by us as economy option, Faber Air Matters or ProLine available as 34, 40 and 46 inches wide inserts.

If you have any questions regarding sourcing the ventilation appliances for our  copper range hoods, please get in touch with us by phone or using item detail page ask the question section.

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